Upcoming Exhibitions

04/2019- ‘Mother and Child’ group show Dorothy Circus Gallery: Rome, Italy.

05/2019- ‘Gaia Reborn’ Beautiful Bizarre group show: Urban Nation Museum: Berlin, Germany

09/2019- Group show Jiro Miura Gallery: Tokyo, Japan.

Previous Exhibitions

- Featured Shows -

11/2018- ‘Elysium’ Five women show: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA.

11/2017 - 'Gilded Horizons': Merry Karnowsky Gallery: Los Anegeles, CA.

10/2017 - Moniker Art Fair: Thinkspace Gallery booth: London, UK.

11/2016 - 'Interlude': Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA.

09/2014 - 'Hirari Hirari': Merry Karnowsky Gallery: Los Angeles, CA.

12/2013 - Solo at SCOPE Miamil Art Fair: with Thinkspace Gallery: Miami Beach, FL.

06/2013 - Solo at SCOPE Basel Art Fair: with Thinkspace Gallery: Switzerland

09/2012' - Midnight Reverie' Solo Show: Jonathan Levine Gallery: New York

10/2011 - 'In the Wake of Dreams' 4 girls show: Thinkpace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA.

08/2011 - Restlessly Still (three person show): Merry Karnowsky Gallery: Los Angeles

11/2010 - 'Tangled": Outre Gallery: Melbourne and Sydney. Australia

12/2009 - Hajimari: Jonathan Levine Gallery: New York City, NY

05/2009 - Watching Shadows: Space Yui: Tokyo, Japan

09/2008 - Kakurenbou: Mondo Bizzarro: Roma, Italy

02/2008 - Mayoi Michi: Copro Nason Gallery: Santa Monica, CA

09/2007 - Ephemera Show: Nucleus Gallery: Alhambra, CA

07/2007 - The Innocents: Lineage Gallery: Philadelphia, PA

09/2006 - Picks of the Harvest III Installation: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

07/2006 - Four Dreams: Roq la Rue: Seattle, WA

03/2006 - Disquieting Muses: Copro Nason: Santa Monica, CA

09/2005 - All The Real Girls: Gallery 1988: West Hollywood, CA

04/2005 - Not So Soft: Black Market LA: Los Angeles, CA

10/2004 - From a Small Green Room: Black Market LB: Long Beach, CA

01/2003 - Midori Series: Rooms Cafe: Los Angeles, CA



- Group Shows -

03/2019- ‘Femme’ group show Spoke Art Gallery: San Francisco, CA. 

08/2018 - Static Medium curated group show at Gallery 1988: Los Angeles, CA.

07/2018- 'Suggestivism' group show curated by Nathan Spore: Spoke Art Gallery: NYC, NY.

05/2018 - 'Beyond the Familiar' group show at Outre Gallery: Melbourne, Australia.

03/2018 - 'Momo' Group show curated by Mari Inukai: GR2: Los Angeles, CA.

03/2016 - Legend of Zelda 30th anniversary show: Hero Complex Gallery: Los Angeles, CA.

11/2015 - 'Paint Guide' group show: Unit London Gallery: London, UK.

10/2015 - Giant Robot Biennale 4 Exhibit: Japanese American National Museum: Los Angeles, CA.

09/2015 - ‘LAX / LHR’ co-curated by Thinkspace Gallery: Stolen Space Gallery: London, UK.

08/2015 - 'In Box' group show: GR2 (Giant Robot Gallery): Los Angeles, CA.

03/2015 - 'The One Page Comic Show': Roq La Rue Gallery: Seattle, WA.

02/2015 - '20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz': Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park: LA, CA.

02/2015 - 'La Familia' 10 year Anniversary show: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA.

10/2014 - Hello Kitty! Art Show: Japanese American National Museum: Los Angeles, CA.

06/2013 - Tiny Trifecta. 3rd Annual Tiny Group show.: Cotton Candy Machine: Brooklyn, NY.

02/2013 - 'Supernatural' : Japanese American National Museum: Los Angeles

12/2012 - Post-It Show 8: Giant Robot 2: Los Angeles

12/2012 - Supersonic Electronic Group Show: Spoke Gallery: San Francisco

11/2012 - '20 Pieces of Dreams' group show: Giant Robot 2: Los Angeles

10/2012 - 'Skulls' Collective Show: Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery: Los Angeles

07/2012 - Tiny Trifecta. 2nd Annual Group Show.: Cotton Candy Machine: New York

03/2011 - group show curated by Craola: 1988 Gallery: Los Angles

02/2011 - "Suggestivism" group show: Cal State University. Grand Central Art Center: LA.

11/2010 - 5 year Anniversary Group Show: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

11/2010S - anrio 50th Anniversary Art Show: Los Angeles:

06/2010 - Group Show curated by Thinkspace Gallery: London Miles Gallery: London, UK

05/2010 - "Tiger Tiger Burning Bright" Group Show: Roq La Rue Gallery: Seattle, WA

03/2010 - Hi-Fructose 5th Anniversary Group Exhibition: Copro Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

01/2010 - 'Who Killed the Music' group show: Grammy Museum: Los Angeles, CA

02/2009 - Print Show: Outre Gallery: Melbourne, Australia

11/2008 - Drawing Show: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

11/2008 - Clown Group Show: Corey Helford gallery: Los Anegles, CA.

12/2007 - Grafuck 3 Book Release Art Show: Nucleus Gallery: Alhambra, CA

12/2007 - Kokeshi: Subtext: San Diego, CA

10/2007 - Sweet Calaveras: Yves Laroche L'Autre Galerie: Montreal, Canada

06/2007 - Venus: Roq la Rue: Seattle, WA

05/2007 - Smitten: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

03/2007 - Group Show: Maude Carrin: Los Angeles, CA

02/2007 - Charity By Numbers: Corey Helford Gallery: Culver City, CA

02/2007 - iSM Magazine: the untitled LOVE project: OC, CA

02/2007 - Elevation: Limited Addiction Gallery: Denver, CO

01/2007 - Four Dreams: Compound Gallery: Portland, OR

12/2006 - 15th Anniversary Show: Copro Nason Gallery: Santa Monica, CA

12/2006 - Cotton to Canvas: For Oddica T-shirt Company: Los Angeles, CA

11/2006 - All Star HusTLAZ II: White Walls Gallery: San Francisco, CA

11/2006 - Square Foot: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

10/2006 - Subterfuge: Thinkspace Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

07/2006 - Bergamot Invasion II: Copro Nason: Santa Monica, CA

02/2006 - Chubby Bunny Show: Gallery Nucleus: Alhambra, CA

01/2006 - Picks of the Harvest: Batch II: Thinkspace Gallery: West Hollywood, CA

12/2005 - Instant Gratification: White Walls Gallery: San Francisco, CA

11/2005 - Picks of the Harvest: Batch I: Thinkspace Gallery: West Hollywood, CA

10/2005 - Samhain Party: Copro Nason Gallery: Santa Monica, CA

09/2005 - Enjoy By: Project:: Los Angeles, CA

07/2005 - Bergamot Invasion: Copro Nason Gallery: Santa Monica, CA

06/2005 - Cannibal Flower: Art Annex: West Hollywood, CA

05/2005 - Red Bull Ascension: Los Angeles, CA

05/2005 - The Hive: Los Angeles, CA